70s Kirby – Captain America # 209 Letters Page

captain america 209 12 lp xxxxxxxxxxxxLetter One. Holy friggin’ smokes! The first letter was a rave review! If I’m not mistaken, in Jack’s entire 70s Captain America run, this is the first letter the Marvel “staffers” published that was a purely positive review of Jack’s work. Okay, there were one or two others, but these things are as rare as a buffalo!


Letter Two. The next letter is addressed to “whomever.” That can’t be good. This guy not only predicts the cancellation of the book, but basically demands Jack be fired from Cap. Imagine that, firing the guy who created the character, then crawled around on the battlefields of Europe to protect your freedom, and now you want him fired because you’d rather see him spend more time on Eternals.

Letter Three. Finally a voice of reason in the letters column, and this is 2/3 positive! Wow. Maybe by now Jim Shooter has gotten involved and he’s putting a stop to the negative propaganda?

Letter Four. Oh my God, another reader complaining about Redwing’s absence. I’m going to do it again: Thank you God for the fact I never read these stupid letters pages. Can you imagine taking time out of your life to write and mail a letter to marvel comics asking them to bring back Redwing? The writer says, “The Falcon needs his pet.” I wish I could travel back in time and tell these “staffers” to call Jack on the phone (they did have those back in the 1970s) and tell him, “Jack 10,000s of readers want Redwing back! Can you please just put Redwing in one of the panels!” Jack might have said, “Sure.” And that’s one of the other reasons I find this smear campaign by these staffers so pathetic. They’re not even taking the time to communicate with Jack. They keep posting these letters acting like Jack is listening to their feedback. Hell, if Jack doesn’t want to bring back Redwing, tell Marveldom Assembled so they’ll stop asking the same stupid question. It’s so sad to watch this totally dysfunctional relationship between Jack and the staffers playing out in these columns. And the fans suffer. They probably wonder why Jack doesn’t take their advice, and you’d have to think most readers would be so sick of all this negativity, they’d just buy Ghostrider, or Son of Satan or whatever else the real comics creators were putting out in the 70s.

Letter Five. I knew it. Another letter demanding Jack stop doing Science Fiction stories. Yesterday, I told you that was going to be a theme these “staffers” jumped on. And this letters demands Jack put Cap “back” in the Marvel universe. I also told you that was going to be a theme these “staffers” jumped on. Is Don Jacobson from “Falcon Avenue” even a real person? How do we know the “staffers” aren’t writing these letters. What are the odds that more than one human on earth would care if Cap had some SF elements in the story or if Cap was in what they considered the “Marvel Universe.” And by the way…

kirby_creatorWhat else is there to say? You want Cap “back” in the Marvel Universe. No offense, but Jack created the Marvel Universe. Now the readers are in charge? They get to tell Jack what the Marvel Universe is? It’s just wacky. What do they want? Forbush Man to make a guest appearance?

I would love to know if all these letters are by real readers. I assume we never will. One thing is for sure, the staffers are posting letters that reflect their own personal opinions about Jack and his work. Oh, and as you see, the letter writer is voting to “take Jack off the mag” at the end. That’s two people who want Marvel to fire Jack just in this column. God forbid you were a Kirby fan reading these letters pages in the 70s. Your hero was being unceremoniously shown the door right in front of your faces by a bunch of “staffers.”

Letter Six. Another letter asking for Jack to be “replaced.” Another letter asking for Jack to be fired.

Can anyone out there aside from Scott Edelman tell me with a straight face that the Marvel “staffers” were not using these letters columns to try and get Jack Kirby fired from Captain America? Seriously. Anyone?

What a shameful moment in the history of comics. These “staffers” should be tarred and feathered.