70s Kirby – Captain America # 209

captain america 209 00 fcAnother book I was able to buy off the newsstands in the 1970s. Loved the cover.

Fantastic 2-page spread. I have the original art for this in my files somewhere. If the owner of this piece is out there and you want to sell it, please drop me a line, maybe we can work something out. I thought this spread was bizarre as a 10-year-old, but I love it now. Quintessential 70s Kirby.

captain america 209 02 03 captain america 209 02 captain america 209 03

Here are a few more pages from the book. Panel 1 on page 7 was way to weird for me as a kid, but looking at it now, it’s just spectacular Kirby wackiness. I’m so glad some “editor” wasn’t forcing Jack to do more Nomad stories. This totally captures where Jack’s imagination was in the 70s — he wasn’t interested in rebooting his old creations, he was really reaching out to try and come up with truly outlandish, unique ideas. And how lucky was Marvel — the “staffers” are slamming Jack in the letters pages, stacking them with fans yearning for the return of Redwing, meanwhile Jack is giving them new characters they will be able to exploit until the end of time. Arnim Zola would be perfect for one of these new Marvel movies. Primus is a great antagonist too. Hell, Doughboy could be the next Spongebob…


captain america 209 05 captain america 209 09 captain america 209 15