70s Kirby – Captain America # 208

Captain America 208-00FCKirby/Sinnott cover. Man this book brings back memories. Definitely one of the earliest books I bought off the spinner racks. I remember my copy having some paint on the cover because I was learning to draw and paint at that time and this was in my little pile of inspirational artwork aka swipe file.

And how about that page 2-3 splash? Wow.

Captain America 208-0203 Captain America 208-02 Captain America 208-03

Shame on the Marvel “staffers” for trying to ruin my good time by relentlessly slamming Jack in the letters column. Some of us were enjoying the ride. I thought this stuff was fantastic. And that’s without even having seen most of the previous issues. That was Jack’s strength, you could pick up a book cold and it punched you in the face.

Here’s a few more pages. How about the final splash? Just wild Kirby 70s comics. I love this opening splash too, wonderful composition where Jack puts the reader behind the monster. Masterful comics storytelling by the greatest to ever work in the medium at the top of his game.

Captain America 208-01 Captain America 208-09 Captain America 208-14 Captain America 208-19