The Man Behind the Heroes – X-Men

2013-04-13_125451In fandom a lot of folks complain that Kirby and Lee don’t really deserve credit for the “new” X-Men, and you can’t deny the importance of all the creators who added new characters to the Kirby/Lee X-Men pantheon. And despite the incredible importance of the Wolverine character’s success, and the success of other characters like Storm, I contend that Jack really built an incredible framework there to serve as a foundation for introducing new characters. It is a school for mutants after all. Always new people going to school. So I don’t think you can emphasize enough the importance of those first issues of Uncanny X-Men where Kirby/Lee laid the groundwork for this ever-evolving team of characters that resonates with literally billions of people. And when you add X-Men to all of Jack’s other intellectual properties, it’s really almost incomprehensible that one man could have such success creating iconic characters. I think that’s one of the reasons Jack remains virtually unknown among non-comics fans. It’s just too hard to believe (1) someone could accomplish what Jack did and (2) that Marvel and Stan Lee could completely bamboozle billions of people into thinking everything was really their idea.