70s Kirby – Captain America # 202 Letters Page

captainamerica_202_lpa captainamerica_202_lp

Doesn’t start off good, the first writer talks of his “distaste” for Jack’s DC material. More pro-Lee propaganda: Kirby with Lee text = good; Kirby with anyone else = bad. And I can see not liking Colletta or finding Royer’s faithfulness to Jack’s pencils sort of different, but again, why put any criticisms of Jack in these letters columns even if they are going to segue into praise. The goal is to promote Jack and his work not tear it apart and convince readers to stop buying the books.

The rest of the letters don’t look that brutal. Letter number two is a bunch of typical fanboy questions addressed to Jack. I still wish the “staffer” answering the questions would say, “Stop addressing your letters to Jack, he isn’t reading them I (insert intern name) am.” But I guess that would destroy the illusion that maybe Stan or Jack are reading every word in every letter and that there is some sort of camaraderie and friendship in the bullpen? I continue to find the pseudo-Stan Lee banter from the letter page staffer astoundingly annoying and idiotic.

And finally, the last letter. Here’s a line from it: “Jack is still writing 1940s comics dressed up in just enough pseudo-relevance to cover-up.”

So I guess it’s been 6 months in a row now, almost half a year, where in every “Let’s Rap with Cap” letters column, 1 or sometimes 2 of the letters have been filled with criticisms and condescending “advice” for Jack Kirby. I’m not an expert on the Marvel letter columns, but if anyone out there is I’d love to know: is there a precedent for this anywhere in the comics industry? Has there ever been a comic ever that posted multiple letters that bashed the writer/artist/editor for 6 months straight? I doubt it. Another example of how unprecedented Jack’s career was.