Funky Flashman 1962? Part One


One more tangeant before I get back to the 70s Cap series. Over on his Kirby Kinetics weblog, Norris Burroughs posted this “rejected” Hulk page. You can read Norris’ account of the events at that page. I sent Norris a message and asked if he has higher quality scans of the art, and it would be great to know the source for the images — where they were first published. If anyone has that info, please send it in. It almost looks like some parts of the images are a photograph of Jack’s pencils and others have been traced or digitally enhanced. Also Lee’s margin notes are impossible to read. So if anybody has better scans, please share.


A couple comments: first of all, I had never seen that page before and my first reaction was, “Wow! That first panel looks like Kirby/Lee satire to me.” Panel one looks like Jack inserting himself and Stan Lee into a story, which is something Jack did several times during his tenure at Marvel. It’s actually a very funny image. I’ll show it again – tell me that doesn’t look like Jack Kirby watching his fearless Leader trotting past.


You have Jack as the blue collar guy walking to work, smoking a cigar off to the left probably making a wisecrack in that empty dialogue balloon over his head. notice the body language, he’s leaning forward, like he’s trying to get somewhere, but this absurd guy is blocking traffic.


Then in that old horse and carriage you have some big boss with his bizarre, fake mustache, his expensive top-hat, his gaudy fancy suit.


I love the details on the carriage like the soft cushion and the wonderful contrast between the horse and carriage and the vehicles and modern architecture. The character looks silly — he’s clearly spoiled, somewhat pompous and completely out of touch with reality. A living anachronism.