X-Men # 1, Page 13

Classic X-Men art featuring Jack’s Magneto character being introduced for the first time. From X-Men # 1, Page 13 (Sep 1963). Kirby /Rienman. You don’t see too many people compliment the inking on these books, but I enjoyed looking at this artwork reading these reprints as a kid. For example, I love the contrast of the Kirby-tech in panel 5.

X-Men # 1 really is a remarkable book. All those iconic X-Men characters, the concept of the school for gifted mutants, the paralyzed professor AND Magneto. Even though it wasn’t a smash when it came out, this book turned out to be a real home run for Jack — the X-Men have become one of the most popular teams of heroes in modern history. The classic characters Jack created still are a part of the team, plus the X-Men concept was a perfect springboard to introduce new characters.

Add his X-Men to the pantheon of other heroes he created and it’s hard not to consider Jack Kirby a modern day Homer.