FF # 101, pg. 5

Before I sold my Kirby art collection, I made scans of all the pages. Here is one from FF # 101, page 5. I love the final panel. Jack’s note to Stan Lee says “Meanwhile FF grab some fresh air.” Wonderful image of the FF family living a normal life in between adventures.

Let’s take a closer look at it. Nice touch having the couple holding hands in the background. Notice Joe inks every brick in the buildings, hints at leaves on the trees, and makes sure to ink every tree branch. I think the chances were 0/100 that Vince Colletta would have delineated details like that.

There are partial margins on the left side pointing to the female pedestrian’s face. It looks like Lee might have had Romita add some Spidey shades to the girl… maybe so the True Believers wouldn’t think she was Crystal? Or who knows, you’d think by this time in their careers Kirby/Sinnott knew what they were doing so these sorts of changes would be unnecessary.

Great image of Reed and Sue — husband and wife out in the city with their baby.

Beautiful attention to detail and line variety on Sue, especially her coat.

It looked like Joe used the tip of a needle to ink the baby’s face.

Great comedic image of the bulky Thing feeding the pigeons. The monster with a heart of gold.

I would argue Joe Sinnott does a better inking  job just on those tiny pigeons than most artists working in comics in the 1960s could achieve, and Joe’s craftsmanship remains superior to many artists inking comics today.

This is simply one panel out of the 1000s that Jack and Joe produced, and as you can see, all the details Jack put in the art in the pencil phase and Joe’s unselfishness in terms of putting in the extra time to embellish every single one of those details to perfection are the main reasons why for many the Kirby/Sinnott FF artwork set the gold standard in comics art history.