Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 95

This is the first Marvel’s Greates Comics FF reprint I remember for sure buying from the local 7-11 in the late 1970s. MGC # 76  (Mar 1978). I loved the artwork in this story.

I believe Joe Sinnott owns the original art of the page where the Thing is holding up that building. Classic example of Kirby’s great sense of slapstick humor there, then Joe’s attention to detail makes that image so special. That close-up of the Human Torch is so memorable. Maybe a little melodramatic considering you’d have to think the Torch and Crystal would get together again, but it’s a really powerful image of a young man dealing with loss — the shadows age his face a hundred years. I don’t recall ever seeing a full page image like that in a comic before or since, especially in a Marvel superhero reprint comic. This was still powerful stuff to a kid in the 70s. In my opinion, Jack’s 60s reprint-work was a hellava lot more dynamic then most (if not all) of the new comics being cranked out in 1978. I was blown away by that page 18 action sequence as well — great example of how an entire Kirby page as a whole can pack a wallop.