FF Annual # 5 (1967)

Since we took a break from the Kirby/Sinnott FF run yesterday, let’s step in our time machine and look at important book that we didn’t touch on — FF Annual # 5 (Nov 1967). I actually like the art in this book quite a bit. Maybe Giacoia was a little rushed on FF # 92, or maybe it’s all of the new characters and concepts in FF Annual # 5 that give us lots of eye-candy.

Since these scans are awful, here are 8 pages from the 48-page book. I included some of the pages where Sue announces she’s pregnant and the joy the characters feel. Remarkable contrast between this Annual in Novemeber 1967 and the work Jack is producing after the baby is born — this book overflows with new concepts, compositions, and new creations.

Jack’s books in this period remind me of the famous stateroom scene in the Marx Brothers A Night at the Opera, the new ideas and cast of characters are just overflowing out of the pages to the point of absurdity.