FF # 93

I decided to go ahead and show some pages from the next FF books in this run even though they are non-Sinnott issues to give you some idea of the contrast between Sinnott and Giacoia.

I enjoyed Frank’s work on Jack’s 70s Captain America a lot, but boy, was Sinnott a hard act to follow on FF, and because of that as a kid, and even now, I’m not a huge fan of these Giacoia fill-in issues. Frank does a workmanlike job, but the inks are pretty rugged, they lack Sinnott’s perfectionism and balance. Especially that Torch on the splash. Compare that to the Kirby/Sinnott Torch splash I posted a few days ago. Really no comparison, but I don’t want to be unfair to Frank, many acknowledge Sinnott to be the best comics inker of all time, so nobody can fill those shoes. Cover and art are by Kirby/Giacoia from FF # 93 (Dec 1969).

Re-looking at this stuff again, it’s really not that bad. I guess I’m just a huge fan of Kirby/Sinnott, so as a kid, and now, the Giacoia fill-in books were disappointing, but I give Giacoia credit for doing his best, something I don’t think we see on the Colletta Thor books.