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Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 69

FF # 69 (Dec 1967).  On the cover, Sinnott does terrific work on all of those buildings in the background. Too bad the colorist didn’t do a better job giving the architecture a little variety of color.

Here are some nice quality scans from the published book.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 68

4 scans from FF # 68. Love Sue with the mini-skirt. Jack’s Crystal is a great example of a strong female character. Great humor with the Thing bursting out of his suit.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 65

The scans below must be from the Marvel’s Greatest Comics reprint.

About 2002 I bought a bunch of published Kirby books at the Orlando Comics Convention, so I used to own a published copy of this book — which looked absolutely beautiful. I’d never seen that art before and as a fan who rediscovered Kirby in the 2000’s, I really enjoyed seeing that material for the first time. These scans are not nearly as gorgeous as the published artwork, but it serves the purpose of giving you a hint of what Jack and Joe were up to.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 64

This was my favorite comic book as a kid — I had the Marvel’s Greatest Comics reprint that I got from a flea market. I’m pretty sure it had the whole story, so no pages were edited out. I love the illustrations in this issue. Clearly this is a perfect example of a visual story — the action tells the story — Lee’s dialogue is utterly irrelevant so it’s a crime Jack didn’t get a writer credit for this book and a writer paycheck. There are tons of great images in this issue that I have to leave out in order to post just 4 pages. Books like this are timeless — you may prefer contemporary artists or artists from the past, but to me this is a great example of a high point in the history of comics. A single, simple masterpiece by Kirby/Sinnott.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 63

FF # 63 (June 1967).

I wrote a series of articles about the first page I posted (below) for HiLobrow. Here are the links:









4 pages from FF # 63. Finally the scans are a little better. I love that single splash of Blastaar with the anger shooting out of his eyes. Was anybody else in comics doing single pages like that? I wonder if anyone in comics even had the clout with an editor to try something like that. The Heritage Auctions website has a lot of original art scans from this book. All you have to do is sign up and you can see the HQ images. Funny that an auction site can show whole Jack Kirby comic books, every page for sale, but a schlep like me posting things on a Kirby Museum site has to seriously limit the amount of art I show from an individual book to make sure I don’t violate Marvel/Disney’s copyright.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott FF Artwork – FF # 62

Another issue I owned as a kid where I was able to get a beat-up copy of the original published issue from a flea market. Ahh, the days where you could get a stack of about 50 comics for a buck. I remember FF # 62 looking awesome, the colors don’t stray too far from the illustrations, the blacks aren’t muddy on any of the pages, so sorry for the weak scans. I’ll even throw Stan Lee a bone here, when I was about 14 reading this, I thought the dialogue in that image where Mr. Fantastic is holding onto the rock was pretty memorable. That may have been the only time reading comics as a kid where a piece of comic book dialogue had any kind of impact on me. But as I’ve said many times before, I look at comics for the artwork  I don’t really pay too much attention to the text.

Since these scans are very low quality, so lousy, I’m gonna risk facing Disney-Marvel’s wrath –I’m gonna live dangerously and post 6 scans from the book although I’m still forced to skip several exceptional pages of Kirby/Sinnott art.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott FF Artwork – FF # 61

Spectacular scan of the published cover of FF # 61 (mar 1967).

Because these scans suck so bad; I can’t imagine posting these would do anything other than promote Marvel’s Kirby archive; plus I’m the lowliest peon in the comics universe; so I can’t imagine the billionaires at Disney-Marvel are even aware of my existence, I’m gonna do something crazy here: I’m gonna post 8 pages from FF # 61. If the suits at Marvel/Disney feel like I’m violating their copyright, just let me know and I’ll take down the scans. Heck, you can send me a cease and desist and I’ll shut the whole Kirby Dynamics site down, I’ve made my point by now — this is all just gravy. I can’t pick just 4 pages from this book. It’s packed with great visuals. So here’s just a small sample of some of the great art from the 5 year Kirby  FF run, all from FF # 61.