Classic Kirby/Sinnott FF Artwork – FF # 62

Another issue I owned as a kid where I was able to get a beat-up copy of the original published issue from a flea market. Ahh, the days where you could get a stack of about 50 comics for a buck. I remember FF # 62 looking awesome, the colors don’t stray too far from the illustrations, the blacks aren’t muddy on any of the pages, so sorry for the weak scans. I’ll even throw Stan Lee a bone here, when I was about 14 reading this, I thought the dialogue in that image where Mr. Fantastic is holding onto the rock was pretty memorable. That may have been the only time reading comics as a kid where a piece of comic book dialogue had any kind of impact on me. But as I’ve said many times before, I look at comics for the artwork  I don’t really pay too much attention to the text.

Since these scans are very low quality, so lousy, I’m gonna risk facing Disney-Marvel’s wrath –I’m gonna live dangerously and post 6 scans from the book although I’m still forced to skip several exceptional pages of Kirby/Sinnott art.