Classic Kirby/Sinnott FF Artwork – FF # 61

Spectacular scan of the published cover of FF # 61 (mar 1967).

Because these scans suck so bad; I can’t imagine posting these would do anything other than promote Marvel’s Kirby archive; plus I’m the lowliest peon in the comics universe; so I can’t imagine the billionaires at Disney-Marvel are even aware of my existence, I’m gonna do something crazy here: I’m gonna post 8 pages from FF # 61. If the suits at Marvel/Disney feel like I’m violating their copyright, just let me know and I’ll take down the scans. Heck, you can send me a cease and desist and I’ll shut the whole Kirby Dynamics site down, I’ve made my point by now — this is all just gravy. I can’t pick just 4 pages from this book. It’s packed with great visuals. So here’s just a small sample of some of the great art from the 5 year Kirby  FF run, all from FF # 61.