Classic Kirby/Sinnott FF Artwork – FF # 56

WAP! Spectacular Kirby action panel.

4 pages from FF # 56 (Nov 1966).

This was the oldest published FF book I owned as a kid that wasn’t a reprint, so I have really fond memories of this issue. I just loved the art in this story — it looked so much better than the art in the MGC reprints in terms of the wealth of details you could see. My copy was all beat to hell, which is how I got it at a reasonable price, and I’m sure I abused it even more marveling at the art many times over. Owning something like this book was like having a little treasure as a 14-year-old because I knew how valuable books like that were in mint condition. Unlike modern collectors, I had no interest in owning a comic as an asset, I just wanted to read the things, or more specifically look at the great artwork.