Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 52

FF 52, page 4, panel 1. Sinnott inks every detail from the dirt on the ground to the mountain in the background. Note the variety of the umbrellas, architecture and costumes. Wonderful line variety to suggest different textures. Images like this had to require extra time on Joe Sinnott’s part, and although he didn’t get paid any extra for that extra work, clearly Joe’s sense of artistic integrity and his passion for quality craftsmanship inspired him to ink every penciled line Jack laid down to the best of his ability.

The cover from FF # 52 (Jul 1966). Again, look at the technical precision of Sinnott’s inks on the Kirby tech in the background of this cover. Wonderful.

In the last handful of FF books, Jack had already created the Inhumans, then Galactus and Silver Surfer, next Wyatt Wingfoot and now… Black Panther. New characters were just pouring out of Jack’s imagination at this point. Here are a few pages from that book, scans from the original published book. Click on the artwork to zoom in and you can see the little details in the art.