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Disney, Kirby, and Lucas

Hope all of you on the East coast were able to get through Hurricane Sandy unscathed.

Thought I’d interrupt the tribute to Kirby/Sinnott to briefly comment on Disney buying Lucasfilm.

I wonder why Lucas chose this moment to unload his company? Think maybe he has some insider information about where the current economy is headed?

Lots of springboards for potential topics, but I’ll only briefly mention a few. First, amazing to see Disney gobbling up virtually all the successful intellectual properties on Earth like Pac Man.

Does Disney own Pac Man yet?

You have to think at some point Disney will own DC Comics (if they don’t already), the Warners Brothers cartoon characters, and all the big intellectual properties on the planet  like James Bond… everything.

Talk about a microcosm for American monopolies.

Also interesting to note that now all the Lucas Star Wars characters stand with all of Jack Kirby’s 60s Marvel characters in this new Disney pantheon. Will we see the day where Captain America, Fantastic Four, Thor, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, the Hulk and the X-Men meet Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Ewoks, and Darth Vader in a film, with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck thrown in the mix? Or I guess Marvel probably already did this in a comic…

And of course there are those out there who think Lucas stole key concepts for Star Wars from Jack’s Fourth World concept (for the record, I think Jack was one influence on Lucas, but not the singular, pivotal, main inspiration for Lucas’ Star Wars mythos). Mainly I think it’s important to note how these billion dollar corporations can soak up everything of potential value on the planet like a sponge.

Disney may own the United States of America at some point — I know that sounds crazy, but who else in the country has enough money to pay off our national debt besides Disney?

I’ve met a lot of Lucas-haters over the years. The anger directed at him from all the Star Wars geeks is a trip. I never got it. I think it’s just a bunch of goobers who live in a fantasy world where they dreamt of writing the next Star Wars movie so nothing Lucas could have ever done would have satisfied them. Everybody thinks they could have done better on the sequels — which is probably true, many of the Star Wars films are pretty bad — but I see no reason to slam Lucas so relentlessly. The dude ain’t Hitler, he’s just a nerd who hit the jackpot. In fact all the Star Wars fanboys should be thrilled now — you’ll get more Star Wars movies in a few years than you can shake a light saber at. I’ll even check ’em out when they’re on cable. So quit bitching about how Lucas digitally changed the early Star Wars movies, surely Disney will sell you a re-release blu-ray copy of the original film for $1,000.00 in the near future so you’ll get your wish. Maybe they’ll release it with 4 different covers so you can spend $4,000.00 and have all of them for your collection.

Ultimately I think George Lucas symbolizes the fact that in the last century  every citizen on Earth had a 1 out of 6 billion chance of winning the intellectual properties lottery. Lucas was in the right place at the right time — in the 70s he put together a goofy (no pun intended) movie that clicked for a number of factors, and yesterday he cashed in for 4 billion bucks. That’s the American dream for many people, right? Unfortunately, this type of financial transaction, where a handful of people in the United States sitting in a corporate boardroom control 99.999% of all of our money and resources is going to inevitably lead to a global economic collapse of epic proportions.

Yes, like sheep we’ll all line up in our storm trooper costumes to see the next Star Wars film, and we’ll pump more money into the Disney coffers…

But the day will inevitably come where we realize buying a bottle of water and a bowl of soup is far more important than buying the newest Star Wars junk.

We’re witnessing a transition here into a new era, one where the few people who work for a company like the Walt Disney Corporation sit in their magic palaces — their mansions on the hill — cranking out more Star Wars and X-Men junk, generating billions of dollars, while the rest of us scramble around trying to find a crust of bread. The concentration of the world’s wealth in the hands of a few people has become nothing short of preposterous.

So raise a toast tonight: Cheers to George Lucas for his big payday, enjoy your retirement George. We will probably never see another creator get that kind of a buy out; chances are Disney will own everything outright in the future. Hell, Disney may own Jesus Christ at some point…

Cheers to the suits at Disney for adding Luke Skywalker and the Wookies to their asset sheet. You all deserve a billion dollar Christmas bonus — invest it in gold before your reckless corporate avarice makes the American dollar worthless.

Cheers to all the Star Wars geeks out there who are having an orgasm because now they know they will get more Star Wars garbage in their lifetime than they can even begin to buy.

Start saving for that new x-wing toy. The way the economy is going, with inflation it’ll probably cost about $20,000.00.

And cheers to Jack Kirby — you didn’t get 4 billion bucks for your creations, but some of us haven’t forgotten you.

Oh and a quick prediction: it probably won’t happen in our lifetime, but the day will come where people lose interest in all of this Disney/Marvel/Star Wars crap. They’ll be focused on other things — sadly, probably just making a living and surviving day to day, dealing with global climate change and hurricanes like this “Sandy” frankenstorm.

Not saying zombies won’t still line up for whatever junk Disney/Marvel cranks out — and we all enjoy escapist movies with lots of explosions once in awhile — I just think that nothing lasts forever and although now Disney clearly is about as bloated with successful cartoon characters as imaginable, eventually that balloon is going to burst. In fact, this minute, some intern in a back office at Disney is probably investing all the Marvel movie profits in a ponzi scheme which will obliterate that company, or people will simply snap out of their coma and stop wasting their money on Boba Fett action figures.

That being said, as the world dives into another great depression, I’m sure I’ll be watching a bootleg copy of Star Wars 7 on YouTube when it comes out in 2015, although who knows what the future holds for all of us. One thing I can tell you for sure — I know for a fact Jar Jar Binks will be not be appearing in that movie, or there will be riots…

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 73

A fun issue, not one of the best FF books though. I wonder if having the FF fight the other Marvel characters was Lee’s idea, so maybe Jack’s heart wasn’t in this one. Not saying this is a bad issue, Jack gave 100% to every story he worked on — plus many think FF # 73 is a classic — to me this book just lacks the epic grandeur of pretty much all the Kirby/Sinnott books leading up to this point.

Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 71

Since my scans from this book are awful, I’m going to post 8 pages from this book. This may be my favorite Kirby/Sinnott artwork of all time. This book is just amazing. All the FF are doing is fighting that single android and Jack and Joe make it truly spectacular visually. To me this marks the high point of the Kirby/Sinnott collaboration. Not that the art gets any worse (although some argue the stories get a little more boring around the last 10-or-so issues because Jack stopped giving Lee new creations), I just think with this issue Jack and Joe are clearly on a totally different level than anyone else working in comics in 1968.