FF # 5 Original Published Pages

Here’s a recent email conversation. The author gave me permission to post his comments, below that was my reply. I also included the FF scans he was nice enough to send in. Thanks to Odkin for his comments and the great scans.

From: Odkin

Inkers and silver age art are my areas of expertise, and I can tell you that it is utterly pointless to try and showcase work that has been shoddily reprinted, and often “touched up” to the point of being redrawn, as in Marvel Masterworks.

Attached are a couple of good scans of original pages from FF5. Compare the linework to the reprint you use. Notice something missing in the reprint? Like say, 1/2 the details?

I would rather see the dot screens and inconsistent coloring of original comics with clean linework, than see even the best coloring and paper with fuzzy blotchy linework. And as your example shows, even the new coloring is not that good. Yeah the dots are smaller, the colors align better, and little errors get fixed. But the color choices are almost always worse. Baby blue FF uniforms instead of deep blue. Garish cartoon pirates instead of greys and greens.

Anyway, I urge you to use only original comic scans and NOT reprints in any analysis of inkwork. Way too much gets lost, especially with artists who have any degree of subtlety in their work, like Sinnott and Colletta. Not so much an issue with the “hack and slash” guys like Royer.


PS- Drives me nuts that you have “comments off” all the time. You post some half-baked ideas sometimes, and it just makes it look like you aren’t up to being questioned.

 My reply:

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Robert Steibel <robsteibel@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi. Can I post this at Kirby Dynamics. You make some great points. If not, I’ll answer your questions privately.

Re: Comments

I don’t have comments on because Rand wants me to censor curse words and offensive comments. I honestly don’t have the time to babysit people who comment on that blog and I hate censorship, but understand Rand wanting the museum site to be rated PG. Feel free to send me any questions or comments to robsteibel@yahoo.com and I’ll post them. I’d love for someone to challenge me. I love that kind of thing. You can also comment on the Mueum Facebook page. People tend to yell at me there.

As for the scans, I use what I have. Unfortunately I don’t have scans of many of the printed books. If you or anyone you know would like to send scans of published books in I’d love to post ’em.

I agree totally about the wretched quality of the reprints, but I gotta use what I got.

Here are the scans Odkin sent in from the book. They look much better than the reprint pages I used before. Click on the images to zoom in.

Here are a few other fun items from that book, the letters page and an ad for a brand new Kirby book coming out soon…

If anyone else out there has scans of published FF books, please send them in. I’m sure we can work out a trade, I have lots of Kirby scans in my files we could swap.