Here’s an email from Kenn Thomas discussing the Argo topic:

Kenn Thomas:

Of course, my zine Steamshovel Press had an article on Argo on 2003, years before Wired, co-written by Kirby-l-er James Romberger and his partner Marguerite Van Cook. The issue had one of the Lords of Light illoes as a cover. Next week I’m going to make available a small stack of the back issue for its original cover price, $7, and also DVD copies of a lecture I did out in the Mojaveon Kirby conspiracies. I’ll have all this up at probably this weekend.

Rand Hoppe put together a list of other articles on the subject here: Lord Of Light, Science Fiction Land and Argo

This is the article Kenn Thomas mentioned: “Kirby, the CIA and the Lord of Light and Eyewash: About Argo” by James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook – published in Comic Art Forum, Winter 2003. I highly encourage you all to download the PDF file and read this. It’s a great article that gives you a nice glimpse into how Hollywood likes to play it fast and loose with the facts if it helps them save money and make more money.