Classic Kirby/Sinnott Artwork – FF # 45

Fantastic Four # 45 (Dec 1965). What a terrific cover. One of the best Kirby/Sinnott covers ever, and so early in their 5-year run on FF. Here we have two artists totally at the top of their game combining their skills.

These are HQ images from the published book, so click on the pages if you want to zoom in and look at the details.

Classic FF splash with lots of famous Kirby/Sinnott debris, each brick carefully embellished by Joe.

This next page has beautifully deliniated Kirby/Sinnott machinery (although the colorist obscured most of the details with that dark coloring). Thank god Vinnie didn’t ink this. All that wonderful background detail would have been gone — the Baxter building would have looked like an abandoned warehouse.

Finally, this truly awesome FF splash. Back in 1965, this image symbolized the beginning of a new era in superhero comics. There was nothing to keep Jack’s imagination on the ground and with Joe Sinnott beautifully translating his pencils, the possibilities and potential were endless.