Captain Victory # 9 Cover Art – Facebook Comment

Here’s a Facebook comment:

Rob: WTF? Haven’t we been through this before? It is obviously a pasted in stat on the main figure. I have heard for years that Roz inked this cover—- Mark E acknowledges that she inked at least the main figure, although he just diminished her efforts as “tracing”, despite that “tracing” was what Jack expected of his inkers in later years. So why are you now claiming it as Mike T’s work?….you posted it here a few days ago with the right info!!
Hi James, thanks for the comment. I’m honored you check out Kirby Dynamics. I love your work and have tremendous respect for your comics scholarship.
Here’s my answer: a lot of these posts were written and queued up months ago, some even last year, and they get bounced back to a later date at the WordPress site when I insert a new post, so I may post something that’s actually a year old and I’ve learned something new, which means my text may be outdated or wrong — this is an example of that. As far as what happened with this piece, I’m still not sure. It appears maybe Roz inked an earlier version (or Jack inked it, or both Jack and Roz inked it), someone photocopied that art, someone carefully cut out the CV figure then pasted it on the artboard. Maybe Jack penciled the new background behind the stat, and Mike Thibodeaux inked it? Beats me. I’ve never spoken or corresponded with Mike Thibodeaux before, maybe one day he will chime in on stuff like this. In the meantime, it looks like a patchwork piece and I’m personally not sure what the chrononology is and/or the accuarate credits are. Maybe it’s a Kirby/Kirby figure (stat of Jack and Roz’s original work) and a Kirby/Thibadeaux background (on the original art)?
When I wrote that post months ago, I had zero idea what was going on, and my thanks to James for pointing out that we discussed this before and I should have added that dialogue to the piece.
Thanks again to James for the comment.