TMNT – From Kandow Eric

Some links to some TMNT art from Kandow Eric. (Color Version)

I think I found another Kirby image, featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I read in the big TMNT Hardcover, there was commentary about their Donetello Micro-Series, and how they had asked Jack for approval to use a version of him in the comic. I don’t know if they where good friends with the family – (they lived on the East Coast) but they said they did meet him at conventions.

This image can be confirmed, as well! It’s suppose to be an image from Turtle Soup #4. Part of a story with Michelangelo and the Last of the Viking Heroes.

At first you think it might be a fake — but given the published nature of it. I think that initially comes off because I think Kirby is specificly trying to Turtle’s style – you can see the shading in the body is Kirby’s style. Says it was a favor to Mike Thibodeaux. (I’m guessing this might have been posted on Peter Laird’s TMNT Blog – and this page is just repeating it. I wouldn’t be able to say where it is on his blog, though — (he makes a lot of posts!)

— Kandow Eric