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1000th Post at Kirby Dynamics

This is the thousandth post here at Kirby Dynamics. Thanks to all of you out there who have made doing this weblog so much fun. Thanks especially to the hundreds of comics fans, comics historians, Kirby associates, and Kirby experts who have sent in scans and links and who have taught me so much about Jack over the last decade. Learning about Jack’s life and discussing his work has been a true honor and a privilege.

I plan to keep posting great examples of Jack’s art here every day for at least a few more years, maybe longer — who knows, the future is so uncertain — so I hope you all continue to check in once in awhile and enjoy the runaway freight train ride as we continue to plow through some of the approximately 40,000 pages of artwork Jack illustrated throughout his career.

Long live the King.

Cap # 103 Art

Not a great scan, but here is a page from the terrific Captain America # 103 issue (July 1968). Kirby/Shores. You can make out a few of Jack’s margin notes. Not sure why this page is so yellow, either something to do with the color settings on the scanner, or maybe this hung on someones wall and was exposed to a lot of sunlight?