The King & The Worst (Movie)

Thanks to Arlen Schumer for sending in this link.

‘The King & The Worst’ Takes On The Evils Of Sorcery With Jack Kirby And Ed Wood [Video]

Looks like somebody finally decided to use the real Jack Kirby as a heroic character in a film. I’ve been saying that would be a great idea for years. My idea was to do a Saturday morning type cartoon where Jack is abducted by aliens, they give him a cosmic-powered  artboard that can create anything Jack draws on it, then Jack uses those inventions to fight evil throughout the universe, space and time. With his cosmic-charged pencil, Jack can make himself creatures, machines, a super-powered space suit, etc., anything, and Jack can battle the bad guys.

Maybe that’s something Jack’s family might want to look into. Jack has plenty of fans in the entertainment business, maybe somebody with some clout like a Frank Miller or Bruce Timm or someone like that might help green light a project like that. It would be a great way to pay tribute to Jack and ideally produce a quality entertaining product people enjoy.

Today, in this film clip which is about 20 minutes., the filmmakers have done a live-action piece where Jack and Ed Wood (of all people) are fighting evil. The actor playing Ed is on the left and the actor playing Jack is on the right.

If they had used Wally Wood… this thing would REALLY have been a home run in my book. The King and Woody! There’s a movie I’d pay to see.

The King and The Worst movie is pretty bizarre, but it’s also very creative and certainly interesting — I enjoyed it. If anyone out there knows the story behind it please send that info in. I’d like to know more about the film and the filmmakers. What (if anything) is this for? Is there some market out there for this type of thing? Or was this just done for fun? Maybe this will win an Oscar for best short film?

How about a Kirby award?

Unfortunately Marvel owns that image of Silver Surfer I used for the Kirby award, so not sure I’ll be able to hand those out any time soon.

I wonder what the legal ramifications are for using a real human being as a character? I guess Abe Lincoln fights Nazis now, so it’s not a big deal?

What’s next, Barack Obama, Werewolf Hunter? You’d have to think if something like this caught on it would present legal problems for the King and the Worst filmmakers. But the movie seems pretty harmless to me, it’s just a silly flick on the web. Probably falls under the satire category.

Regardless, now we can add “movie action hero” to Jack Kirby’s already long list of credentials. Round of applause for Jack.

Heck, maybe this will take off like the James Bond series and Jack Kirby will be the next big action hero superstar character.

That certainly would be ironic considering Jack created most of the current action hero superstar characters that are so popular. If a Jack Kirby movie character became really popular, I wonder if Stan Lee would claim he created that too…