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Lee/Kirby Autographed Letter

Thanks to Kendall Whitehouse for letting me know he is the owner of that Marvel letter autographed by Lee and Kirby.


Here are some links to Kendall’s online material. Hopefully he’ll give us the background story on that piece on day.

British Sue Storm Pin-up

Thanks to Mike Gartland for correcting me about that Sue Storm pin-up. There was also some discussion of the piece on the Kirby Museum Facebook page. As always thanks to Mike for all his great Kirby research and thanks to all of you out there who have sent in corrections and comments over the years.
Hi Rob,
Forgive me in saying you have it backwards; the original is as depicted in the Marvel Masterworks. the one on top looks like it could be from a British reprint. Old Marvel Pin-Ups all have: “A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up!’ in their mastheads; also you’re right in assuming that coloring was not that sophisticated in the old days. It might have been, but they sure wasn’t gonna spend that kind of money gussying up the pages. Happy Father’s Day!

Devilance the Pursuer

Thanks to Scott for this comment on the Devilance piece:
Hi Rob,
It was published in Who’s Who.

Devilance the Pursuer

From “Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18 – Phantom Girl to Pursuer” and a big thanks to Jim Woodall for the correct name of this character.
Take care,

Tales of the Apocryphal Credit

Thanks to Cliff Galbraith for pointing out to me that I should have made it clear that he was the artist of this piece:


Here’s a link to Cliff’s website:

Over 100 Kirby 2-page Spreads

Thanks to Chris for passing along this great link. Over 100 of Jack’s 2-page spreads. Enjoy!

Not Brand Echh Art

Thanks to Brad for sending in this link:

The Monkees! Drawn by–Jack Kirby?! True! Who Says a Comic Has to Be Good? Not BRAND ECHH!

Anybody out there want to take a stab at guessing who all of those celebrities and public figures are? Click on the image to enlarge it.

Sue Storm Pin-up

This appears to be a scan of the original, published pin-up of Sue Storm. You can see the changes made in the reprint in the Marvel Masterworks book below. That color effect on Sue’s face is interesting, I wasn’t even aware old comics could use color in that fashion. It’s too bad Marvel couldn’t have just photographed the original books for many of their reprints and I can’t even begin to understand why some editor would make those changes to the published artwork, like removing those captions.

Marvel Letter

Thanks to Bill for sending in this scan. If anyone knows the original owner of this piece I’d love to know the story behind it. You can see the folds so maybe a fan mailed a letter to Marvel and asked for Stan and Jack’s autographs?

The artwork looks like several of the images were probably swiped from Kirby drawings. Rawhide Kid and Two Gun at the bottom look like they were probably paste-ups, but figures like the Hulk and Nick Fury look like they were done probably by an office staffer.