The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel

Thanks to a reader for sending in a link to another recent article on Saint Stan.

The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel
On the (surprisingly complicated) legacy of Stan Lee
By Alex Pappademas

Kirby is thrown into the mix a bit here, the interviewer does reflect a bit on Jack’s part in Marvel history, but ultimately the interviewer slams Jack’s fans, then when he gets to actually interview Lee, the interviewer chickens out and doesn’t even bring Jack up once in his lame “interview” with Lee. Whatever happened to the days when journalists came prepared with a list of questions designed to try and help readers learn something new?

I love Stan Lee’s quote about how he would have been “wealthy” if he had worried about ownership of the Marvel characters back in the 60s. Isn’t Lee worth over 10 million dollars? I guess that’s not “wealthy” in Stan Lee’s world?