Kirby’s Green Arrow/Iron Man

Here’s a comment on Jack’s 1975 interview and Iron Man from the Museum Facebook page:

Patrick Ford The interesting thing about Kirby and Iron Man is the fact Kirby’s Green Arrow origin story THE WAR THAT NEVER ENDED has the exact same plot as the very first Iron Man story. There can’t possibly be any doubt Kirby plotted the first Iron Man story.

Anyone out there have a scan of this Green Arrow origin story? I looked through my files and could not find it. It might be fun to show several pages of that story here. I hate to admit this, but I don’t seem to have a scan of that first Iron man story either. So much for my K-files being comprehensive. If anyone wants to send in scans of either story it would be great to do a comparison here. Or if any of you out there want to compare the two stories it would be my pleasure to share that with everyone here.