Ninja Turtles: Kirby?

Here are a couple Facebook comments on the Ninja Turtle piece from Kandow Eric’s post earlier today.

Mike Cagle: Interesting. But I doubt very much that Kirby really drew that Ninja Turtles piece. It doesn’t loo at all like Kirby to me, it looks like bad fake Kirby. Love the other ones, though!

Hervé Duphot: I don’t think it’s a Kirby’s drawing. The line is to thin and to “hesitating”. It’s in Kirby’s style. And the turtle in the background is too ridiculous.

A few art collectors have suggested to me off the record that Jack may have used an assistant for a handful of pieces that were produced towards the end of his life, so this could be one of them. To me, and maybe I’m wrong, I feel like I do see some of Jack in this piece. If I had to guess I’d say Jack did draw this. Looking closely at the piece, maybe I’m wrong.

If Jack did use an assistant or if Jack’s drawing style had simply changed we’re going to have a couple mysterious pieces of Kirby art like this out there where we may never know 100% for sure what the history behind the piece is.

For example, I don’t think there is any way Jack drew this Captain America piece, unless maybe health was an issue:

It’s also important to note that 99.99% of the Kirby art out there is legit, although I always encourage new art collectors to be very careful before investing a lot of money in any kind of art. That’s just common sense.