The Kirby Fashion Police

I got several emails pointing out  that this link for the Kirby-inspired fashion show is dead.

Fashion Week launches with Romance Was Born exuberance
From: The Australian. April 30, 2012

Here’s the URL:

Apparently The Australian may have pulled the article. A few people online have speculated the reason for this may be that the name “Jack Kirby” was mentioned as the inspiration for this fashion show. Maybe the designers had received permission to use that Marvel artwork for their background if they credited Marvel comics, so I guess someone may have objected to the name “Jack Kirby” being used in reference to the fashion show?

Pretty interesting development if you’re no longer allowed to mention the Marvel artist who inspired you — instead you have to credit Marvel. What’s next will Marvel own Jack’s squiggles and crackle?

I don’t recall ever seeing a newspaper pull an entire article before. Or maybe that’s the nature of online reporting nowadays? If you make a mistake in an article instead of making a retraction you either edit the article or delete it? If the Kirby fashion article is indeed gone forever, how fortunate that I took a screen cap of this.

Uh oh, I hope the Kirby Fashion Police don’t demand I delete this post. God forbid we should mention Kirby inspiring something. This may be the only surviving piece of evidence that there was an article on the fashion show stating Jack Kirby was associated with this show.

I have no idea what happened, maybe this is much ado about nothing, but if Jack’s zig-zags and polka-dot did inspire the fashion designers who put together this show? It would be a pretty sad day if they had to erase the name “Jack Kirby” from the historical record in order to placate someone at Marvel comics.

Here’s the new version of the article, sans Jack Kirby.

Exuberant dash of dots and stripes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

It’s interesting to see “Jack Kirby” was replaced as the inspiration for the show with “childhood superheroes.”

Here’s another article.

Kirby-inspired fashions hit the runway in Australia

It seems Rand may have seen a third version of the article where instead of “Jack Kirby,” or “childhood heroes,” “Marvel Comics” was listed as the inspiration. Some comments from Kirby Museum Director Rand Hoppe from that site:

The mention of Jack Kirby in the article has been replaced by “Marvel Comics” – who apparently partnered with the designers. To be fair, I found a video interview with one of the designers, Luke Sales, where he mentions Marvel, not Kirby. Where would Fashion Editor Damien Woolnough have gotten the idea that Jack Kirby was the inspiration and not Marvel Comics, I wonder?

For me, my question is: why would The Australian have to change the article? Because a designer mentioned Jack Kirby? Or did the author of the article assume the fashion show was inspired by Jack Kirby, and that information was false, so the paper erased the whole article and replaced it with a new one to cover up this error? Like Australian rules football, is this “Australian rules” news reporting? I’ll email The Australian and ask them what went on here.

Here’s a few more photos from the show.

I’ll also contact the designers of these outfits and see if they’ll send us any of the preliminary sketches for these outfits or any additional photos. I know some of you aren’t into fashion, and I’m not all that big into it either, but I thought these dresses were pretty cool. My only complaint about the show would be that they all the models with the same wacky red hair. I’m sure that’s some kind of fashion statement about conformity or it’s a tool to focus the viewer on the dresses themselves (or maybe a homage to Medusa), but I think if the designers had let the models look more like individuals that would have been a better reflection of Jack’s, (er, I mean “Marvel Comics,” sheesh, gotta be careful) 60s material, and to me at least that would have made this show a home run.

As it stands the show was a pretty fun reflection of Jack’s influence on pop culture, and this interesting twist in the reporting of the story might be a cautionary tale about where we are heading if big corporations like Marvel control the news media.