Jack’s Drawing Board

The Museum Facebook page has also been showing some great Kirby-related images recently. Above is a photo of Jack’s drawing area. Jack must have smudged graphite all over every inch of his house — look how gray the back of that chair is for example. Pretty simple set-up when you consider all the gadgets contemporary digital artists use.

This is kind of a bleak image, especially without Jack in it working on a new piece of art, but obviously this approach worked for Jack — he focused on the page in front of him and probably didn’t even notice the blank wall in front of him. I think he had a TV in there somewhere to keep him company or a radio. I recall reading somewhere that Jack had used an old dining room chair for many years, so it looks like at some point he upgraded to that office chair.

You would think something like this would be in the Smithsonian, it would work well in a  little display on comic art and would probably inspire a lot of people. Maybe one day they’ll do a presentation on comics history and they can borrow this from the Kirby family for that show.

It’s probably a good thing the Kirbys still own all of this: the Smithsonian has so many hundreds of thousands of important pieces of art and history, this would probably be packed away in a box somewhere conceivably forever if they had it.

Warehouse scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark