Avengers Weekend Part 4 – Ditko and Creation

Re: Stan Lee Week

Here’s a link to a nice, concise little article on some of the evidence we have for the creation of Spider-man:

“Who Really Created Spider-Man?”

There was  a scan of the piece of artwork Jack had that said “Spider Man” on it on the old Kirby-l forum, but I don’t think I have that. If anyone has that scan of the Simon/Kirby Spider Man logo, please send that in. That may be the moment of “creation” for the Spider-man character if you buy into Lee’s philosophy that naming a character means you created it.

For the record, I think the credits for Spider-man should be “Lee/Ditko and Kirby,” or something like that. If Jack pitched the name, and came up with concepts like wall-crawling and web-shooting, and Jack contributed the aunt/uncle, the kid/science geek, and science as the element of transformation, I think Jack does deserve to be mentioned or to use Lee’s language “considered” a creator/co-creator when discussing the real history behind the character. Lee’s “I saw a fly on the wall story” is clearly fiction.