Avengers Weekend Part 3 – Ditko and Creation

Re: Stan Lee Week

Although Spider-man is not an Avenger, I think Ditko’s comments speak to the “Marvel Method” creation process. This was the main quote I wanted to pull from this article earlier in the week:

Ditko: The Mystery Behind the Man Article (2002)

Ditko’s validation came in the form of “Tsk, Tsk #1″ and “Tsk, Tsk #2,” blendings of prose and pictures released by the artist in 1999 that question the “factual grounds” on which some people-Lee, predominant among them-”talk, write and claim that Spider-Man is a ONE-MAN creation.”

Lee responded via an open letter: “I have always considered Steve Ditko to be Spider-Man’s co-creator…From his very first panel, Steve created and established the perfect mood for Spider-Man…So adept was he at story-telling, that Steve eventually did most of the plotting and illustration while I, of course, continued to provide the dialogue and captions.

“I write this to ensure that Steve Ditko receives the credit to which he is so justly entitled.”

Lee’s effort only made things worse. Ditko rebuffed his “I have always considered…” line in The Comics, saying: “‘Considered’ means to ponder, look at closely, examine, etc. and does not admit, or claim or state that Steve Ditko is Spider-Man’s co-creator.”

I agree with Ditko. Why can’t Lee just say “Me and Steve created Spider-man,” why does Lee always have to qualify everything. It’s amazing how Lee clings so tenaciously to his story he created Spider-man alone, and his “consideration” of Ditko as a co-creator comes off as Lee committing an act of charity. Of course the ironic thing is that Jack  Kirby may have (or probably) pitched the name to Stan, which ironically is how Lee defines creation. Remember, to Lee naming a character is creation. So by Lee’s definition if Jack pitched the name “Spider Man,” Jack created Spider-man? Right?