Avengers Weekend Part 14 – Cheers

I think I’ll wrap up the live Kirby Dynamics “Avengers Weekend” and go enjoy watching the Orioles crushing the Red Sox.

I do think the way Marvel treated Jack and his family over the years is contemptible, but I have a lot of friends with little kids, and they all love these Marvel movies, and all the toys and all the Marvel junk (and I did as a kid too) so although I want to remind everybody there was a guy named Jack Kirby who did a significant amount of work creating the 1960s Marvel Avengers property — and it would be great to see Kirby get some significant credit and royalties for his work creating the Marvel Avengers — ultimately you don’t want to seethe in bitterness over things like this, so I still encourage everybody out there who loves the Marvel movies to go out and have a good time. Enjoy your Avengers weekend. And consider raising a glass to the guy who created the characters at dinner.

Kirby has yet another blockbuster movie featuring his creations, it’s remarkable, so no matter how mad Stan Lee or Marvel may make you, I say today is a great day to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Jack Kirby. Cheers!