Avengers Weekend Part 1 – Kirby Boycott

I’m going to have a little fun this weekend and do the first “live” broadcast of Kirby Dynamics. I will try and tie up some of the loose threads I have here for Stan Lee week and talk a little about the new Avengers movie. If I understand correctly it comes out today. ūüôā

All my friends with little (male) kids are taking them to see¬†the¬†movie. It’s¬†like¬†Christmas for many of them. It’s amazing how popular these movies are right now. I think at some point you’ll see¬†the¬†popularity¬†curve go down, but apparently not yet.

A bunch of people asked me to go to the movie, but I don’t know about anybody¬†else, I like watching stuff on HDTV when it’s on cable. I¬†like¬†being able to pause the movie and do other things while it’s playing. So I’ll wait. I mean is there really anything that “must¬†see” in the movie? I assume all of Jack’s¬†characters¬†exchange¬†snappy wisecracks then defeat a bad guy/bad guys, right?¬†I can wait ’till next year to see that.

I’m not a big “boycott” guy because I don’t know if that sort of thing really does any good, but it is interesting to see¬†there¬†are some people out there who aren’t going to the¬†movie¬†because Jack doesn’t¬†receive¬†any money from the movie. Here’s some links passed along by readers and a few I came across.

James Sturm Boycotts ‘The Avengers’ Film over Marvel’s Treatment of Jack Kirby

Why I’m Boycotting The Avengers
Because Jack Kirby has never been given the credit he’s due.

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What of the House That Jack Built?

‚ÄúAvengers‚ÄĚ boycotters assemble online

Boycott the Avengers? A Slate writer discusses why Marvel’s troubled history with artists has led him to boycott the upcoming project, despite his love for Mr. Whedon.

Here’s a site advising against the boycott:


Here’s a site calling for credit for the Kirbys

Marvel Entertainment: Give credit and royalties to Jack Kirby and his family.