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‘The Avengers’ Stuns With Worldwide Total Of $500+ Million


The Avengers, which opened to massive foreign box office totals before storming the domestic box office with enormous opening day receipts, appears poised to finish this weekend with a global box office topping $500 million.That’s after only twelve days in release (the film opened April 25th in foreign markets). Some are now predicting the Marvel Entertainment/Disney superhero team-up film could finish the weekend with the biggest domestic opening in history, north of the$169 million record-holding opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

Let’s look at the figures so far.  In foreign box office, The Avengers is currently at $304 million. That’s not counting Russia or China, where the film opened this weekend coinciding with the domestic release. In North America, the film took in $18.7 million in midnight showings alone, and appears to have brought in at least $65-67 million on Friday alone.

That domestic total means a $60 million Saturday and $50 million Sunday would give The Avengersthe highest-grossing domestic opening weekend of all time — and those numbers are almost certain to come true, if indeed we don’t see potentially even higher numbers as some are predicting. That would give the film a total of about $474 million worldwide as of Sunday, without counting the totals from Russia and China. It is therefore almost a foregone conclusion that — barring a major flop in those markets and a massive Saturday-and-Sunday drop domestically — The Avengers will easily top $500 million globally at the close of business this weekend, and might even get closer to $550 million if domestic, Russian, and Chinese receipts are even bigger than expected.