X-Men # 9, Page 20

Here is the posting that was supposed to run yesterday. Just like the chronology in Lee’s With Great Power film, here at Kirby Dynamics things got a little mixed up. 🙂

X-Men # 9 (Jan 1965), page 20. Kirby/Stone. You can see some Kirby notes in the margins. Notice the little subscription ad taped to the right side of the page. Solid inking by Chic Stone although not one of the very best Kirby/Stone X-Men pages.

One of the interesting things about X-Men is that I don’t ever recall Jack discussing X-Men in an interview. This is due partially to the fact that Jack did very few interviews in his life, but you still would have thought someone in the 1980s would have asked Jack about the genesis of X-Men and his thoughts behind the personalities and the dynamics of the characters. I’ve never, ever seen Jack discuss the concept.

In 1965, many comics historians agree Jack was heavily involved in the plotting of the stories. Jack may have even done the bulk of the writing on the X-Men stories — as I showed you he had done on books like FF # 1–  using visuals and starting in late 1963 margin notes like the ones you see above. So one has to wonder: how much input did Jack have into the creation of the X-Men? We’ve seen that Stan Lee did not create FF alone from looking at his FF # 1 synopsis, so is it also possible Jack helped create X-Men? Additionally, is it possible that in the same way Jack might have pitched FF to Lee (the FF being a superhero revamp of Jack’s Challengers of the Unknown) is it possible Jack may have even pitched X-Men to Lee — basically a super-powered teen version of his various Simon/Kirby kid gang books?

Since Jack never commented on X-Men we really don’t have much to go on. I personally find it unlikely Lee created X-Men full-blown and gave it to Jack who then followed his master’s commands because it appears Kirby/Lee never worked like that, so you’d have to think Jack must have had substantial input into the creation of the X-Men characters and the X-Men storylines. I just wish we had a comment from Jack on the subject of the X-Men. Maybe I’ll email Mark Evanier and see if he has something on the topic.