From: Kenn Thomas

Thanks to Kenn Thomas for sending in these images from Stan Lee’s new project.

Kenn also had this brief comment to add to the Kirby/Lee authorship discussion:

Kenn Thomas:

Even if Stan Lee gets credit for “his” ideas about FF, it still seems likely they came from Kirby. Lee probably read Challengers of the Unknown and, consciously or not, had that influencing him when doing whatever he was required to do with the new assignment. The characters are not the most terribly original things about the FF. Kirby used nearly identical ones as circus villains in a 1940s Sandman story. They are derivative of Doc Savage’s group from the earlier pulps. That they are imbued with Kirby’s personality traits not Lee’s does not seem to by anything a reasonable critic would even try to dispute. And certainly the reason FF #1 will go down as a masterpiece of American art is because Kirby was the artist. It’s a masterful show of his “writing” technique, i.e. graphic dynamics. The existence of that synopsis, even if it’s real, means nothing.