Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years

Many of you probably already know this, but I wanted to remind you all that The Jack Kirby Collector #58 is available for sale. The issue looks terrific. It’s packed with great Kirby artwork and tons of beautifully reproduced Kirby pencil scans. My hat is off to John Morrow for the consistency and quality of his publications — especially the Kirby Collector which I think is one of the greatest tributes out there to Jack’s life and work.

I only had a chance to read the first few pages. I wanted to say I’m very sad to hear the author of the book, Mark Alexander, passed away last year. My best wishes to Mark’s family. Reading something like that definitely puts things in perspective.

I am glad Mark was able to finish this project. I encourage all of you out there to pick up a copy — please support Kirby scholarship and the people who are keeping Jack’s legacy alive.

Here is the book description from the TwoMorrows site:

Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years

160-page Trade Paperback – Written by Mark Alexander

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Fantastic Four #1 with this special squarebound edition (#58) of The Jack Kirby Collector, at regular magazine-size, about the two pop-culture visionaries who created the Fantastic Four, and a decade in comics that was more tumultuous and awe-inspiring than any before or since. Calling on his years of research, plus new interviews conducted just for this book (with Stan Lee, Flo Steinberg, Mark Evanier, Joe Sinnott, and others), regular Jack Kirby Collector magazine contributor Mark Alexander completed this book just prior to his recent passing, and it traces both Lee and Kirby’s history at Marvel Comics, and the remarkable series of events and career choices that led them to converge in 1961 to conceive the Fantastic Four. It also documents the evolution of the FF throughout the 1960s, with previously unknown details about Lee and Kirby’s working relationship, and their eventual parting of ways in 1970. With a wealth of of historical information and amazing Kirby artwork, Lee & Kirby: THE WONDER YEARS beautifully examines the first decade of the FF, and the events that put into motion the 1960s era that came to be known as the Marvel Age of Comics!