Mob Cover and Contents

Cover for In The Days of the Mob # 1 (Fall 1971), followed by the contents page. A solo-Kirby production. Not too many artists now and then that would try and pull off a regular project like this.

Looks like Kirby painted the face and hands in the center of the cover, probably using watercolor. Also looks like Kirby inks on the three images at the bottom of the page.

I wonder where Jack got the images for that collage-work on cover and in the margins of the contents page. Maybe a magazine article on the history of the mob, or possibly a book he had to cut up? With digital cut-and-paste it’s easy to download images off the internet and arrange them into a collage using a program like photoshop, whereas for Jack’s collage-work obviously the original book or magazine is going to be chopped to pieces and ruined. Any mob history experts out there who can identify some of the photographs in Jack’s collage?

I don’t know if Jack’s swipe files still exist, but it would be fun to check out the contents.