Spider Costume from 1954?

Over on the Kirby/Ditko Yahoo discussion forum, one of the members posted a link to this image:

The poster listed this as: “1954 Ben Cooper Halloween costume.”

Anybody have a better scan of this or know anything about it?  What colors were used for the spider costume? I wonder if any photographs of this costume exist? According to the website featuring this image, it is from 1954. Long before Ditko’s Spider-man costume from 1962. Anyone know if that 1954 date is accurate?

The poster who wishes to be known as Deep Throat had this to add:

I don’t know anything more about the costume than the info listed. I just came upon it via a comic message board. I have heard this costume has been on eBay a couple of times, but I have never personally viewed the listing.

If this is legit, it is quite interesting – did Steve Ditko get the idea for the costume from a Halloween catalog? Eventually, Marvel licensed its super-heroes to Ben Cooper Costumes for additional heroes in the mid-sixties thru the sevnties. Was there a special deal between Marvel and Ben Cooper as a result of the costume being the inspiration for Spider-man?

One would have to verify that this catalog was published prior to 1962 –or at least produce a copy of the box with a pre-1962 date.