Here are some recent comments from the mailbag:

This is a comment on yesterday’s Fighting American post.


That may be Joe Simon inking somebody–but it’s not Kirby.

The pencils might be by John Prentice–one of the guys that worked at the Simon and Kirby studios.

– Frank

A recent Kirby comment from Kenn Thomas:

Watching my cartoons this morning (Saturday habit of long standing) I notice that this Young Justice show on Cartoon Network used the Forever People last night, although it turned Infinity Man into something like a Transformer robot. Previously the show used ideas from Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen, like the genetics project (called Cadmus now) and Dubbilex. So there’s Kirby again, all over what’s going on in TV animation.

An article from Arlen Schumer:

Charles Hatfield has a wordpress blog set up for his new book on Kirby called Hand of Fire.

An email directing you to some original Kirby art:

G’day Rob. Over at Kirby Creates, Mark Luebker posted a link to Heritage Auctions where the 13 page Jack Kirby Thor story from JIM 88 is currently on offer.

On page 13 of the story, a pastup has fallen off, revealing the original artwork. I thought you might be interested in seeing the original, and published versions of the page.

All the best,


Another comment from Kenn:

I was reading this small Ditko fanzine, Ditkomania, tonight and found the attached. Apparently there’s more than one version of Amazing Fanatsy #15 by Kirby. I thought you might be interested and might flush out the significance.  You might know this zine, since it does reference Kirby Dynamics . Published by Rob Imes in Southgate, MI. Latest (Halloween) issue, #86.