Dr. Phibes

Thanks to Stan Taylor for sending this strange Kirby item in.

This looks to me like a fan or a commercial artist must have taken Jack’s original pencil piece of this and added inks and colors. Here are two scans from my files of the original.

In the color version, you can see the artist changed some of the text.

Not sure for who or why Jack did this piece in the first place. He may have been putting together some pitches for new projects and this was one of them. I wonder if Jack may have inked the lettering in the original pencil piece.

I suppose this could have been a piece of production art Jack did after he left Marvel in the late 1970s for a proposed animation project or a design for a character in an ongoing animated series, but I also wonder if this could have been something Jack put together after his Fourth World books were cancelled. Maybe this was an idea he developed around the time he started working on a book like The Demon for DC? A character like Dr. Phibes certainly had the potential to carry a whole book, and Jack is combining super hero/horror genres here as he did with The Demon.

If anyone knows what year Jack’s piece was done and for what project, or who did the colored-version above, please share. Thanks again to Stan for sending this in.