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Three Pages From House of Mystery # 70

Three pages from House of Mystery # 70 (Jan 1958), from the story “The Creatures From Nowhere.”

Classic Kirby chaos in the panel above. Great example of Jack’s “monster style” evolving, which would result in so many of his distinctive monster stories for Marvel right before the dawn of the “Marvel Age” in the early 1960s. I’d call the period from 1960 – 1970 the “Kirby Marvel Age of Comics” since Jack’s tenure at the company in the 1960s marked the turning point for Martin Goodman’s little comics publishing company. I assume these inks are by Kirby, but I’m not sure. He might have even had an assist from his wife Roz on these pages since she helped him ink the black areas during this period where Jack was transitioning from his partnership with Joe Simon into a new phase of his career.

Three pages from Eternals Annual # 1

Three pages from Eternals Annual # 1 (1977). This whole book is packed with action. Total chaos. Great example of 70s Kirby plowing ahead like a runaway freight train.

Three Pages from Fantastic Four # 66

Three Pages from Fantastic Four # 66 (Sep 1967). I wanted to pick 4 panels from this story, but I couldn’t even get past the first three pages. Kirby/Sinnott at the peak of their powers.

Three Pages From Kamandi # 6

Three pages from Kamandi # 6 (Jun 1973). A rare Kirby superhero love story, although it could be argued Kamandi is more science fiction since the main character lacks stereotypical super-powers. Can Kamandi and Flower find true love in their little slice of the post-apocalyptic suburbs? Flower’s hair must be glued onto her chest to keep it from flying backwards in the splash page. Notice the “Inked in Wide-Screen Inkascope” caption.

Four Panels From Challengers of the Unknown # 7

Four panels from Challengers of the Unknown # 7 (Apr-May 1959). Kirby/Wood. The monster in panel one hints at the type of giant monster work Jack would do for Stan Lee at Marvel. Wood makes the monster look realistic with his use of shadow in panel 1.  Notice the great Wood inks on the underwater panel. Classic comic twist ending in the final panel — introducing aliens in the narrative always explains any wild story.

Star Spangled Comics # 26

From Star Spangled Comics # 26 (Nov 1943). The last 3 pages of the Newsboy Legion story “Louie the Lug Goes Literary.” I like the restored and re-colored reprints of old comics, but I really enjoy looking at scans of the original published books.

Four Panels From Airboy Comics # 11

Four panels from Airboy Comics # 11 (Dec 1947) From a Link Thore the Flying Fool story — “Peril Paradise.”

These panels appeared in sequence on page 8. The Kirby Checklist says this is Joe SImon on inks. If that is the case, then Joe did very nice work on this story, the whole thing looks very well-done.

Mighty Marvel Wetern # 46 Splash

Splash from page one of Mighty Marvel Western # 46 (Sep 1976). Reprinting Jack’s first book working on the character that initially appeared in Rawhide Kid # 17 (Aug 1960). Kirby/Ayers. Note Stan introducing the story and signing it.

Mister Miracle # 17 Cover

Cover for Mister Miracle # 17. A main character in the foreground staring into space doing nothing, and our hero attacked by a bed — not one of Jack’s best covers, in my opinion, sort of boring — so I guess nobody can bat 1000%.