Kirby Spider-Man Sketch?

Does this look like a Kirby sketch to you all? A reader asked me for my thoughts on this.

I’m going to guess that the sketch is by Jack Kirby. Looks like Jack’s handwriting to me, and I’ve seen other Kirby Spider-Man images without the trademark spider logo on the chest. Maybe this has some elements that were in Jack’s original design for the 1960s Spider-Man? I’d guess that this is by Jack, but I’d certainly want to backtrack and ask the original owner what the provenance is on the piece. For example, who was the fan who bought this piece from Jack? I am suprised there is no date on the art. Could be something Jack cranked out quickly sitting at a convention booth.

You can see the image posted over at the comicartfans site. The owner is listed as “Comicart B.”

Here is Comicart B’s commentary:


This piece poses interesting questions. The inscription and signature are real. However, was the sketch of Spider-Man also by Kirby or was the dedication an encouragement to the actual artist? Although I must confess that I do not really know, I am inclined to the former view. Quite apart from the fact that this is what the seller maintains, Kirby used to draw Spidey in this rather idiosyncratic style (especially with regard to the mask). That the rest of the sketch is very rough (interestingly, there is no spider on Spidey’s costume, but that is also the case with the cover to Strange Tales Annual #2 (which Ditko did not, apparently, ink)!) may be consistent with the fact that it was intended to be just that – a quick sketch.