Three Pages From House of Mystery # 70

Three pages from House of Mystery # 70 (Jan 1958), from the story “The Creatures From Nowhere.”

Classic Kirby chaos in the panel above. Great example of Jack’s “monster style” evolving, which would result in so many of his distinctive monster stories for Marvel right before the dawn of the “Marvel Age” in the early 1960s. I’d call the period from 1960 – 1970 the “Kirby Marvel Age of Comics” since Jack’s tenure at the company in the 1960s marked the turning point for Martin Goodman’s little comics publishing company. I assume these inks are by Kirby, but I’m not sure. He might have even had an assist from his wife Roz on these pages since she helped him ink the black areas during this period where Jack was transitioning from his partnership with Joe Simon into a new phase of his career.