Four Panels from Demon # 11

Now that I’ve been doing the Kirby Dynamics daily weblog for a little over a year now, I’m going to try something new here once in awhile. One of my goals when I started the weblog was to post individual panels of Kirby art because I think the isolated images look great enlarged online –and I like taking a comic panel out of context and looking at it as a stand-alone piece of art — so every now and then I’m going to pull a random Kirby book from my files of scans and choose 4 panels from that book that I think are visually interesting.

Of course, every panel in a Kirby book is interesting, and every person would probably pick 4 different panels if given the same challenge, but I figure this might be a fun way to create some mini-Kirby panel galleries.  Really no rhyme or reason to the selection process, just another way to look at Jack’s work — Jack may have done upwards of 40,000 pages of art in his career; if you say each page averaged about 4 panels per page, that’s about 160,000 panels, so we sure have a lot to choose from. 🙂

Here are four panels from Demon # 11 (Aug 1973). Pick up a copy on eBay, the published version looks terrific.

Had to throw in this powerful double-spread as well. Picking just 4 panels from a Kirby book is much harder than I thought.