Stan’s “How I Invented Spider-Man” Article (1977)

A kind-hearted comics historian was nice enough to send in Stan Lee’s article “How I Invented Spider-Man” for me to share with you here. My thanks to him for taking the time to do so. I have literally a thousand comments on this article because for me this is ground-zero in terms of witnessing Lee’s solo-genius mythology taking full-form in the 1970s — long before Stan could reasonably use his so-called “bad memory” as an excuse for getting the facts wrong — but I’ll hold back on my reaction, partially because I’m really busy at this time, but mainly I want to encourage you to read the entire article for yourselves, so you can reach your own conclusions about the veracity of Lee’s first-person account of the solo-creation of conceivably one of the most significant intellectual properties of the 20th Century.

Here’s the email I got from the comics historian who sent in the article and the article itself — click on the pages to see larger text. Obviously if there is someone out there who owns the copyright to the material published in Quest, please contact me if you want me to remove the article or portions of it, and I will do so immediately.

Actually, I will say one quick thing: How about Stan’s comments on the last page about how he feels about other people being successful? Yikes!

Hi Rob.

The attached article by Stan Lee, titled “How I Invented Spider-Man,” appeared in the July-August 1977 issue of the magazine, “Quest.” These are unfortunately not high resolution color scans, but it’s the best I can provide at the moment. And as I said before, there’s no need to credit the scans. I consider this scholarly historical research work.