Fantastic Forgery

A few days ago I posted this scan of the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom and attributed it to Jack Kirby.

Thanks to Frank Fosco for immediately pointing out that the piece may not have been done by Jack — it could be a forgery. I thought I had seen this published somewhere, so my thinking initially was that the piece was done by Jack in the 1980s, but I have to thank Frank and Erik Larsen for taking the initiative and doing a little photo research on the piece. Here is what Erik sent in, and again my thanks to Frank and Erik for putting this information together. Their case is compelling and based on what they have presented here I think this image is not the work of Jack Kirby, unless someone comes forward and can vouch for it’s provenance.

Fantastic Forgery

From: Erik Larsen

Frank Fosco and I have been talking about this piece and we both feel very strongly that it was NOT drawn by Jack Kirby. Pieces of it were from other drawings. The main figure is a somewhat stiff and flopped reworking of the portfolio shot recently printed on the back cover of the Kirby Collector 54.

The Doom head is from FF 59:

The exploding planet from Jack Kirby’s gods portfolio:

What’s especially galling about this drawing is that it’s often used as a showcase piece to show off Jack’s pencilling chops–when it’s not even his work.

Below is another suspect drawing. Reed’s figure was swiped from the FF Annual #6 and look how off model the Torch is.

–  Erik Larsen