Chaykin Does Kirby

Here’s an email from Kenn Thomas:

The attached are from The Hulk color magazine #21, June 1980. Chaykin says these are depictions of Kirby. Thought you might want to consider them for Kirby Dynamics or just enjoy seeing them. The same issue has a letter from Doc Vassalo.

Chaykin is a bit of a self-loathing comics artist, and maybe the self-loathing goes deeper. In this interview book (Brandon Costello’s Howard Chaykin Conversations)  he says “I remember when the Fourth World stuff came out I was smoking so much dope that I couldn’t care less. I was never a huge fan of Kirby’s work in that period anyway–for me the first issues of Fantastic Four, that’s the shit. The Fourth World stuff was just too fucking weird for me. Looking back as a fan–not a professional, as a fan–I always felt that the great irony of his career is that he spent almost his entire life being associated with tall, better looking Jewish guys…”