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Cap 101 Splash Art

Captain America# 101 splash. Syd Shores inks. Looks like someone removed quite a bit of the paste-ups from this image. The Cap face looks a little generic, I wonder if Lee had Romita “change” it over Jack’s original pencils then Shores inked that.

Tarkenton 2


Here’s the image of a futuristic Fran Tarkenton playing American football. Kirby was actually quite good with watercolors when you have to think he had very little practice using them with so much pencil work to be done. Tarkenton was famous for his scrambling on the field.


Beautiful Kirby watercolor. You can learn more about the history behind this piece if you visit the Kirby Museum site. It’s an image of American football player Fran Tarkenton as a businessman.

Tarkenton actually transitioned well into life after football, famous for his successful run on the 70s TV show That’s Incredible.

New Cap

Greg Theakston could probably tell you the history behind this piece better than I. If I recall correctly, at some point Marvel feared a challenge to their Captain America copyright so they went so far as to have Jack design a new costume. Ironic considering Marvel may have changed so many Kirby-created characters’ costumes in the 1980s when they thought a similar lawsuit was possible.

I believe Greg owned this piece for awhile and it looks like it’s a pieced-together scan since the image is too large to fit on a scanner.

Journey into Mystery # 82, pg. 1

Photograph of Journey into Mystery # 82, pg. 1. You can see the glare of all that white-out. It looks like the bug figure is a stat which was glued to the splash.

Avengers # 156 Cover Scan

At one point I mentioned this cover for Avengers # 156 was one of my favorites from the 70s and a fan was nice enough to send me this scan of the original art.

Looks like a little scribble of the side of a head in the top left of this page. Wonder if Jack was doodling. Don’t ever recall him doing that type of sketching, so it’s kind of strange.

You can see the owner removed the title (or maybe it wasn’t glued on completely). Makes you realize the title really is an integral part of the overall composition.